Confession, I adore pressure washing – always have. While some people find it intimidating or tedious work, I find it cathartic. There's nothing better than seeing dirt, grime, and left over winter debris blow away, never standing a chance to pressurized water.

It's almost like watching all your problems melt away.

Why Do We Pressure Wash?

Ultimately, you don't need to but it sure makes everything a lot easier and cleaner if you do. Without pressure washing, you could be relying on harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals to scrub away dirt and grime.

Boost Your Home’s Value

Natural elements such as sun, dirt or debris affects your property. They erode the paint and cause cracks and stains that can negatively impact your home’s curb appeal. Some reports say, pressure washing once a year can boost your homes value by 10%.

Prevent Permanent Damage

When moss, mildew, and left over winter grime are left unattended, they can cause permanent damage to your home. Pressure washing once a year makes sure everything stays protected and prevents any long-term damage to concrete, wood, or home siding.

Maintain Safety and Hygiene

While it's tempting to pick up a chemical cleaner for our outdoor projects, they aren't always the best idea. Cleaners can be harsh and filled with chemicals that can destroy the eco-system of your yard and hurt the animals who call it home. Additionally, cleaners can't always strip away all the bacteria, pollen, and mold in your yard. On the other hand, pressure washing can, plus it can clear up allergens and in some cases prevent mold from growing back.

If you only pressure wash once a year, you may want to rent a machine from your local hardware store. However, if you have a place to store it and do a lot of outdoor projects, it's probally going to be more cost effective to purchase a pressure washer and keep it in storage when you aren't using it.

Over the years, I've had a few pressure washers, all have withstood the test of time. Most of my washers have been from the Sun Joe line, which is one of the top rated outdoor equipment companies in the country. They sell everything from snow blowers, leaf blowers, and generators. Everything I've had from them has managed to withstand multiple seasons, drops, and normal everyday use.

Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Max PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric High Pressure Washer

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Setting Up The Pressure Washer

Every pressure washer is built differently, be sure to follow the instructions on your exact model. Additionally, make sure you properly store and maintain your machine to help extend its lifespan.

Typically all washers follow the same general steps

Assemble the Wand

Follow the instructions for your machine on how to do this. Some wands are built into the machine, while others snap or screw in.

Connect The High Pressure Hose & Garden Hose

Your machine should have two connection points for different hoses, one for a high pressure hose that will carry the water into the wand, and the other your garden hose. Most machines have the garden hose hook up on the back, while the pressurized hose hooks up on the side. Make sure both are secure.

(Note: some manufactures add safetys that shut the machine off if one hose comes undone. Check your instruction manual to see if your machine does.)

Turn on your Garden Hose

Before you do this, make sure everything is all fastened and secure. Do not point the pressure wand at anyone or yourself during this step, just in case the machine was left on or something is faulty.

Plug in

Check your user manual to see if your unit can be plugged into an extension cords if needed. Most machines come with extremly long cords, so you may not need it.

Turn on Washer

Turn on the pressure washer using the button or switch on your machine.

Use It

Point your wand to the surface you're looking to clean, makes sure you follow the user manual for distance and safety instructions. Some machines have a nozzle that has to get held down, others use a continous button. Make sure to consult your user manual for exact specifics.

Things to Keep in Mind Prior to Starting

  • Wear close-toed shoes and pants to help protect your feet and lower legs from any accidental pressurized spray.
  • Clean top to bottom. If you're planning to clean multiple surfaces, start with the highest one and move down.
  • Beware of blasting sensitive materials like windows, soft woods, & vinyl siding that can be easily broken or damaged with too much pressure.
  • Careful not to trip on anything, especially the cords to the machine.

Disasembling & Storing the Washer

For best care, follow storing and dissembling instructions in your user manual. Typically they're something like:

  • Turn it off and unplug it
  • Turn off your water
  • Spray the wand for several seconds to release the water pressure (it will make disconnecting the hoses easier)
  • Disconnect your garden hose
  • Disconnect your high-pressure hose from the pressure washer (we leave it attached to our spray wand, but you can disconnect that end too)
  • Store in a dark space away from children and animals.